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Alien found inside the Mona Lisa painting

Mona Lisa alien

An astonishing discovery has been made—within one of the most revered pieces of artwork of all time. The work was done by back in 1503, by Italian artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci. His famous painting the Mona Lisa reveals perhaps humanities true ancestry. By folding two mirrored copies of the Mona Lisa painting together, it reveals that […]

Werewolf encounter in the Bronx

Picture the year 1913, it is a cold wintry evening in the streets of New York City. Not far from the Mosholu Parkway, something quite unusual was lurking in the shadows. This urban legend mentions an illuminating werewolf type creature wandering the streets at night. Utter nonsense some people believe, but by those who saw […]

Strange sylvan creature photographed at night

strange sylvan creature closeup

A strange sylvan creature photograph has emerged online from Reddit. It appears to show a sylvan creature. What gender it may be is questionable. Not too much is known about the origination of this photo and where it came from. The photograph is assumed to be taken in a park location. Who took the photograph, […]

The ghost photos of Tantallon Castle

Ghost at Tantallon Castle closeup

The image of this, almost looks like a short court jester albeit a ghostly one. Known to be a haunted area, this location has brought many paranormal investigators to the scene. The countryside here has quite the view, being not far from the north sea in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is due west from here. […]

Trail camera captures Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest Bigfoot Trail Cam

An astounding video has emerged showing only a glimpse of a Bigfoot, which stumbled upon a video surveillance trail camera in the Sequoia National Forest. The location is in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. This area is populated with many giant-sized Sequoia trees, the area has 38 distinctive groves within the boundaries of […]

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