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  • Latoya and Rosa Campbell

    The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

    Her name is Latoya Ammons and what she experienced was something that will haunt her the rest of her days. Little did she know she moved into the “demon house” located on Carolina Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since her story was posted back in January of 2014—the house has since been destroyed. It was bought […]

  • Mummified monk

    Mummified Mongolian monk found

    Inner zen this is something some people strive to achieve, it takes lots of hard work and practice to perfect such a spiritual transcendence. Shaking off any negative patterns with positive perceptions clears the mind, body and soul. A mummified Mongolian monk was found and it seems they were still in this deep meditative trance. […]

  • Mr Chen

    He found out he was a she

    In a rather incredible twist of fate, a married 44 year old man discovered that he was actually a she. Well at least part of them. They are known as “Mr Chen” who went into the doctors office complaining of stomach cramps. They even found blood in their urine. After doctors examined “him” they found […]

  • food

    Germans stockpile supplies for world event

    There is something on the horizon, what this might be is unclear at the moment. However in Germany, the people there are stockpiling food and water in preparation for a world event it seems. The last time this country faced such an event dates back to the Cold War-era. What is really happening here or […]

  • Hybrid mothers

    Women abducted by alien lizards

    We all have heard about extraterrestrials but what if they were really us after-all? This is what some people believe as more of them are coming forward with this new found information. They are a unique tribe believing they were abducted by aliens or perhaps us from the very future. This group of people claim […]

  • Surprise

    Haunted explorations and expectations

    There are a number of people out there who have caught the craze of ghost hunting. Admittedly some of them are out for attention. However, some of them seem fairly legit with their intentions. These videos are rather amusing as two guys from the United Kingdom seek to find paranormal spirits. They decided to explore […]

  • chihuahua

    Police witness levitating dog in Scotland

    In South Lanarkshire, Scotland police stated that they witnessed a levitating dog. The dog was not suspended on any type of wires. They all believe it was an actual paranormal occurrence. The investigation further included wandering through a home where they were in awe of what they saw. Officers at the scene mentioned they watched […]

  • orchard

    The Devil’s Toy Box

    Known simply as “The Devil’s Toy Box” this place is located in northern Louisiana. It resides in a remote area being inspired by the Clive Barker Hellraiser series of films. In actuality, it is not something you can hold in your hand like the films. This box actually is a square shaped wooden shack. It […]

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