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alien saucer in Canada abduction

The band wagon alien encounter of Canada

Back in 1973, an encounter would change the life of one man named Thomas Campbell. He and his band were playing at a place named Alice’s Restaurant located in Jordan, Ontario. This community is...

Incredible Alien Abduction Captured By Satellite

Google maps app captures alien abduction

Are alien abductions actually happening in the world? This man believes he has evidence of being abducted. A man named John Mooner, happened to come across some rather extraordinary images. He was experiencing technical...

National Park

People are disappearing from National Parks

Every year more and more people go missing. Usually they have been abducted by someone or something. This gets more mysterious each and every year. After chasing Bigfoot for years, police detective David Paulides...


Hillary Clinton’s price of power

Amidst the chaotic situation of the United States election has people outraged. With different things happening it has come down to several choices. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both aim to claim the throne...