Dragon skeleton remains found in China

They have been a part of mythology and many stories, over the course of many years. They can fly, breath fire and have an enormous body mass. Warding off hoards of treasure hunters, they collect and store their precious loot in caverns and caves throughout the world.

These are known as dragons. These legendary creatures, have appeared in many films and television shows as well…after jumping right off the page and into our hearts. Perhaps however, these are not just fantasy, but now something of reality. Quite typically, dragons are portrayed as having serpentine or reptilian type traits. They are able to spew forth fire, which can burn a man alive or set a village ablaze rather quickly.

Dragon skeleton found in China

Four years ago in China, the remains of what appears to be a long dragon corpse, was discovered. A semi-transparent dragon, was found in the sea of China by a fisherman in the Shandong Province. The skeletal remains, stretched out to nearly 12 feet in length. The corpse resembles both a large snake and partial elephant type skull. The rumor is, this was just some sort of sculpture but since its discovery, nothing more was said. Was this covered up for some kind of reason?

Dragon skeleton remains found in China

Japanese news outfit Byoukan Sunday reported on the story back on March 30th. The dragon bones, have 153 different joints with the head resembling that of legendary Chinese dragon “Ryu”. There are several well-known dragons in culture. Both the Chinese dragon and the European dragon. Each of them, have distinctive features with their appearance. Particularly, their body sizes vary greatly.

While dragons have often appeared in different Chinese legends, a dragon having several horns on its head, is best regarded as a totem. Totems were originally invented by the Chinese people, who later would worship them. The Chinese people refer to this as “descendants of the dragon”.

Guanling County, Anshun City dragon corpse

Guanling County, Anshun City dragon corpse

Allegedly, these remains were found in Guanling County, Anshun City, back in 1996. The dragon body, was well preserved measuring 25 feet long with its head being almost 3 feet. It’s tail measured 12 feet in long. This has been regarded as fake but with its size, one can imagine what the dragon recovered in Shandong Province might have looked like. (Source: Weird Asian News)

While dinosaur bones are on display, there are no officially displayed dragons yet. Perhaps one day, we will all see the legendary dragon alive or its fossils make their way to the masses. Look at all the wildlife that currently exists, such as large crocodiles which resemble dragons to some degree. There may well be a few dragons left in the world, in remote places…perhaps guarding their hoarded treasure troves.

Dragon corpse in China

More recently, a large skeletal pile of remains, was found in a field located in Zhangjiakou City. This sixty-foot corpse had a horned looking skull along with dinosaur-like arms and large rib bones. As seen in this video, a group of villagers gathered around the corpse of this fallen dragon.

Mysterious medieval garden of monsters

Gardens of Bomarzo

Nestled away in the remote quite town of Bomarzo, Italy is one rather unusual garden. Here, 57 miles from Rome, are a number of shrines and statues which have been built during the 16th century. All of these creations, were initiated by Pier Francesco ‘Vicino’ Orsini, who was a military leader and art patron.

This place is known as Sacro Bosco (Sacred Wood). People have been visiting this place for its rather atmospheric wonderment, which deeply haunts ones soul. There is no other place quite like it on Earth. The park is a blend between both mythology and fantasy.

The Alchemy Garden

Italy’s mysterious medieval garden of monsters, are made up from different characteristics. This includes the blending of both humans and animals together, and other mythological artworks—which have been brought to life by some way, shape or form.

Melusine Garden of Monsters

This location is also known by another name “Park of the Monsters” (Parco dei Mostri in Italian) within the province of Viterbo, Italy. While Pier Francesco Orsini is most famous as the commissioner of this bizarre garden, he inherited the duchy of Bomarzo seven years after the death of his beloved father.

Later, he was taken prisoner during the Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis. This ended the French-Spanish Wars in Italy. From this point in time, Orsini would later retire. He was determined to surround himself with as many writers and artists as he could, later devoting himself to a more Epicurean type of life. This left him shunning away any type of religious affairs and beliefs.

Vicino Orsini

Pier Francesco ‘Vicino’ Orsini

While Pier Francesco ‘Vicino’ Orsini was an interesting man, he also was madly in love with his wife Giulia Farnese who later died in 1560. This left him heartbroken and shattered his world of dreams. His restless spirit some have said, still lingers within the gardens often searching for his beloved wife.

Unlocking the mystery of the Gardens of Bomarzo is no easy task, as many have wondered about it for a number of years. The Villa of Wonders at the gardens include the following statues and monuments:

Sphinx and Gianus, The ‘Ninfeo’, The Orcus, Jupiter, Proteus Glaucus, Venus, The Dragon, Echidna and Furia, The Mausoleum, The Theatre, The elephant, Proserpina (Persefone), Herculus e Cacus, Hanging House, Ceres, The cerberes, Etruscan bench, Neptune, The temple, The Pegasus, The vase cantaro, The Nymph, The ‘rotonda’, and The Turtle and Whale.

After the death of his wife, he dedicated the park to her memory. Pier Francesco Orsini died on the 28 of January 1583.

The park is open all year long from 8.00 am. until sunset. Their website can be found HERE.

(Source: Wikipedia and Tales from Out There)

Ancient Giant remains have been hidden by the Smithsonian

Giant hand

For some time now, it has been discussed whether or not there are/were giants located in different parts of the world. A big stink has been made, regarding this and the lack of corporation from the Smithsonian Institute.

There are an apparent number of files with actual physical evidence—all of which currently remains hidden. The logic behind this is, it will literally change human history and everything we know about it. There is big money floating around, regarding museum funding’s, tours, merchandising and much more.

Giant men and women once roamed these lands. What happened to most of them, is nothing more than an attempted mass extinction and exile of sorts. Fighting for their lives, the Native American tribes were believed to have encountered these large stature d humanoids.

There are a number of questions which remain unanswered to date. Was it actually possible that giant humans roamed Ancient America? Were Native American Indian tribes ruled, enslaved and/or eaten by these large humanoid breed of people? In folklore, there are stories by both the Native Americans and the early settlers.

Over the course of a hundred year period, there have been an estimated 1000 accounts of large scale skeletons. These skeletons range from seven feet to the size of a home. Think of the scale of dinosaurs, as everything was larger during this time period on Earth.

Giants in North America locations

Giant remains in North America

Perhaps everything including the earlier human incarnations were giant-sized. The skeletal remains were unearthed from ancient burial sites, which reach far across North America. A number of newspapers, towns, letters, journals, diaries and photos have been reported about over time.

Giants of North America

The Smithsonian ethnology reports, have all carefully documented this. There are so many types of locations around the country. Many of these locations include: burial chambers, stone crypts and ancient battlefields among massive sized mounds within the Earth.

Skull with double row of teeth

A number of anatomic anomalies have been seen such as enormous jawbones that include double rows of teeth. The size of these jawbones could quite easily fit over an average sized man or woman. The giants skulls were elongated and of course exceptionally large.

“The Indian skulls with double rows of teeth are said to have been found not only abundantly on San Clemente Island caves, but also often still on the neighboring Island of San Miguel, the San Bernardo or Juan Rodriguez of Cabrillo.”

The Smithsonian scientists apparently identified 17 different skeletons, which were at least seven feet in stature. One was 8 feet tall, with a skull reaching 36-inches in circumference. Comparably, an average sized human being skull is 20 inches. The Smithsonian Institution made more mentions of other findings. Perhaps some of these were even larger in shape and size.

A giant was purchased suspiciously by the Smithsonian for $500 dollars. This took place back in 1895, however later the Smithsonian claimed it was nothing more than a hoax.

The San Diego giant

San Diego giant purchased by the Smithsonian in 1895

The origins of the North American giants, have been debated by independent researchers, academics and skeptics, but now there may be enough data to begin some serious research. One thing is for certain, the Smithsonian Institute is hiding something and our human history has been affected.

(Source: Graham Hancock)

Mystifying mummies found in Peru believed to be alien reptilian

Mummified aliens in Peru

There have been a total of five mummies discovered in the last several months, all of them are believed to be carbon dated from 235 until 410 AD. The discoveries have been made in the country of Peru.

If what has been said is actually true, then these mummies are not only incredible finds but also open the doorway to something else entirely. From the x-rays taken, these mummies are believed to be non-human in origin. Known as “The mummies of Nazca”, they were presented by Mexican ufologist and journalist Jamie Maussan.

Jamie Maussan

Originally, these are were thought to be an alien race. While this may still be true, the discovery is now pointing to something rather reptilian. This means that either an ancient race of reptilians live or have lived on Earth. Another theory is, they traveled and survived on our world, for a set period of time.

The 1,700 year old mummies, were presented in a press conference demonstrating various observations. The evidence seems apparent, as visual scans were highlighted by back light as a crowd gathered around closely.

Mummy skeletal scan Peru alien media

All of this, may help explain different theories about shape-shifting alien reptilians roaming the Earth. Many moments have been recorded, demonstrating strange behavior by people out in public settings. Some of these people are celebrities and other public figures. Alien human hybrids are also believed to exist in some way shape or form. Maybe these discoveries are a trace of this.

When Mr. Maussan mentioned the different mummified bodies, he stated that three out of the five had “characteristics closer to reptiles than humans.” He also said: “Nobody has proved it is a fraud.

“We are going to present preliminary evidence that will determine in the vision of the media, in the collective vision of the popular conscious, the validity that it has.”

Mummy body scan with eggs Peru alien

When the x-rays were taken, it proved that these mummies were not made from plaster or some sort of other material so far. Inside one of the x-ray scans, appear to be eggs of some kind inside of the mummy. This is one of the most interesting parts of this presentation. Reptiles predominately procreate and their young hatch from eggs. Maybe this holds true with this species but people are basing everything they known from Earth only.

Mummy skeletal scan Peru alien

This makes for a reasonable argument about the reptilian alien mummies. It is believed that whatever these creatures are, they are/were vastly superior to humans. There also appears to be metal implants which were laid hundreds or possibly thousands of years ago, on several of the mummified remains. The official presentation mentions carbon dating which was used for many of these tests. Perhaps more testing is on the way as more is learned about these rather unusual finds. If all of this is true, then the world will never be the same ever again as we know it.

(Source: The Sun)

Entrance to the underworld discovered under Mexican pyramid

Mexico archaeology

What is believed to be the entrance to the underworld, rests under a large pyramid located in Teotihuacán. This ancient Mesoamerican city, is located within the Valley of Mexico. It is here, this significant discovery has been made. Believed to stretch for numerous miles underground, elaborate tunnel systems were constructed. Perhaps even another lost civilization, could exist somewhere deep within these tunnel walls as a secret passage.

One can only imagine the sheer amount of time, it took to construct such a tunnel system. However, there may be hidden technologies that exist or existed to create all of this much faster. The tunnel was found specifically at the Pyramid of the Moon and the Plaza de la Luna.

Pyramid of the Moon

The Pyramid of the Moon is the second-largest structure in the ancient city. (the largest is the Pyramid of the Sun) While the tunnel itself its rather long, it also extends from the central square which is known as Plaza de la Luna. The pyramid is estimated to be 33 feet deep. Other tunnel passages have been discovered as well recently. One tunnel found rests underneath of the Temple of the Plumed Serpent.

Originally, the discovery was made by sheer accident by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. They used a process known as electrical resistivity tomography. This technique creates mappings of subterranean images. It is believed that The Pyramid of the Moon was used for human sacrificial purposes. More artifacts and samples are being collected to determine the truth of things.

Archaeologists underground in the Pyramid of the Moon

Teotihuacán at one point in time, boasted a believed population of at least 125,000 people making it one of the largest ancient populations in the Americas. Aside from the pyramids, Teotihuacán is known for its complex family residential compounds; the Avenue of the Dead. Many of the murals found have been well-preserved amazingly enough.

Archaeologist Veronica Ortega, was a part of the discovery. She mentioned the findings of the mysterious tunnel now confirms that Teotihuacan’s were reproducing patterns associated with great emulated monuments. Veronica went on to say, underground life may have originated here. This includes animals, plants and perhaps people.

Pyramid underground underworld enterance

It is entirely possible, that ritual ceremonies celebrated cycles of agriculture here as well. Now, the researchers are hopeful that the tunnel has been looted already. Previously, another tunnel found—had been looted already. Who knows what might have been found inside there or taken away for different reasons.

The discovery of this happened back in June of 2017. Only now, has this discovery been presented to the public and with it much excitement and speculation.

(Source: National Geographic)