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Angelic savior captured on street camera

Originally uploaded back in May of 2012, this video shows a rather astonishing moment as the driver of a truck almost hits and kills a man on a bicycle. Right before the impact an...

Juliane Köpcke at crash site

The woman who fell to Earth

Rewind to the 1970’s. It was 1971, when Juliane Köpcke survived one of the most unbelievable plane crashes of all time. Juliane was the only survivor to literally walk away from this horrific crash....

fallen angel

Fallen angel video

Back in the year 2006, several students decided to wander around in the woods. The fact that they had a camera leads suspicion to this story. However. it seems rather extraordinary of what they...

angel with child

Angels assist a child into the afterlife

There are so many stories about the afterlife, perhaps this time something was actually captured making this evidence of the unknown. This video seems to show an actual angelic presence—briefly assisting this small child...