Abductions Archive

Sacrificed by shadow people, three students go missing

A group of students decided to make a documentary about shadow people. Afterward, all

Truck driver’s wife abducted by aliens in Michigan

People sometimes lose track of time. Quite typically, they get involved with something and

Abducted 64 year old woman transforms into an alien human hybrid

A woman named Judy Carroll from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia—claims that she was abducted by

Brazilian alien enthusiast now missing believed to be abducted

Recently, a 24 year old Brazilian man disappeared without a trace—while working on a

Mermaid claims the lives of two young children in Zimbabwe

Locals in the area of Gokwe, Zimbabwe have experienced different incidents involving mermaids dating

Secret underground alien reptilians are enslaving humans

Deep beneath the Earth, are alien underground UFO bases. These secret locations are believed

The band wagon alien encounter of Canada

Back in 1973, an encounter would change the life of one man named Thomas

Google maps app captures alien abduction

Are alien abductions actually happening in the world? This man believes he has evidence

Woman kidnapped by goblins in Nicaragua

A woman claimed to have been abducted by goblins when she was a child.

USA soldiers vanish after discovering ancient machine

In Afghanistan, an incredible discovery has been found. Deep inside a cave, eight United

People are disappearing from National Parks

Every year more and more people go missing. Usually they have been abducted by

Hillary Clinton’s price of power

Amidst the chaotic situation of the United States election has people outraged. With different