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Early restored map depicts lizard-men, unicorns and mermen

Life of early settlers and travelers, was quite dangerous and many didn’t reach their

Hidden UFO and treasure discovered at ancient Indian temple

Whether this is a hoax or legitimate, has had people wondering ever since the

Severed giant hands have been found in Egypt

A team excavating in Egypt, has discovered evidence of giant type people who existed

Dragon skeleton remains found in China

They have been a part of mythology and many stories, over the course of

Mysterious medieval garden of monsters

Nestled away in the remote quite town of Bomarzo, Italy is one rather unusual

Ancient Giant remains have been hidden by the Smithsonian

For some time now, it has been discussed whether or not there are/were giants

Mystifying mummies found in Peru believed to be alien reptilian

There have been a total of five mummies discovered in the last several months,

Entrance to the underworld discovered under Mexican pyramid

What is believed to be the entrance to the underworld, rests under a large

Mummified humanoid alien found in Peru changes human history

The question that has remained unanswered for so long, now has potential proof to

Large pyramids found point towards the Lost City of Atlantis

Near Azores Island, an astonishing discovery has been made. It seems giant pyramids were

Thousand year old Mayan cave priest found

A mysterious encounter took place back in 1931, when a renowned archaeologist became lost

Mystifying mummy found in Peru raises questions

A rather fascinating discovery has been made in the country of Peru recently. Author