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Oldest corpse in Europe cursed those who disturbed him

During an exploration by several German hikers, they stumbled onto something quite extraordinary one

The Lacerta interview: Revealing the reptilians of inner Earth

A meeting took place in the southern part of Sweden back in December of

Ancient staircase to nowhere found in Cambodia

An ancient staircase was recently discovered in Cambodia within the Phnom Kulen mountain range

The Devils Mask, a cursed mask of mystery

There are mysterious objects which may be linked to something beyond our understanding. These

Tiny human fossils have been found in Antarctica!

Small in stature, they have been discovered in various locations throughout the world. These

Ancient hieroglyphs have been discovered in Australia, proving history wrong

Everything mankind has known about history has recently been proven wrong. What we were

Humans originally evolved from another world

A rather interesting theory has been presented which may explain the origin of humans.

Norwegian mountain troll photograph taken

A single photograph taken in Norway, shows what appears to be a giant-sized troll,

Hidden tomb of Osiris brings forth wonder

A rather perplexing theory has been contemplated in history. In Egypt, the tomb of

Legend of the dog-headed men

Legends and lore states that long ago, a tribe of dog-men and women existed.

Ancient Aztec artifacts have been presented in Mexico

Ancient artifacts have been presented recently from Ojuelos de Jalisco, Mexico. It is a

Alien found inside the Mona Lisa painting

An astonishing discovery has been made—within one of the most revered pieces of artwork