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Protectors of the innocent, defending people and animals from harm. They are watchful guardian entities which have supernatural powers.

It happened recently in Michigan, when a man’s security camera, photographed what appears to be an angel hovering over top of his truck. Some are saying this is nothing more than a moth caught in camera frame, while others think something supernatural. Glen Thorman, is the man who captured this extraordinary photo. He couldn’t believe… Read Article →

When a mother or father tucks their child in for bed. They hope they are safe from harm. Perhaps they are being protected unknowingly by something else as well. A 39 year old woman named Laura Haigh, along with her partner Dean Evans, captured on camera what appears to be some sort of small sized… Read Article →

Some call it luck, while others call it divine intervention. Seen in this video compilation (which focuses on automotive accidents) people’s lives are nearly cut short. However, something seemingly urges them to move in a specific direction, right at the very last moment. Many of these are jaw dropping, as rational logic cannot seem to… Read Article →

This was quite a sight to see, assumed to be some kind of art project gone right or wrong depending how someone perceives this. Seen in video footage and photos floating around, display what looks like a fallen angel. It is quite unusual and has captured the attention of many people wandering the streets of… Read Article →

There are many photographs that defy rational explanation. This is one of them. A man named David Z. sent in a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. The image appears to be in the form of an angel, with a ghost-like appearance. The seen image, was captured by a hunting camera, that is triggered… Read Article →

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