Category: Angels

Protectors of the innocent, defending people and animals from harm. They are watchful guardian entities which have supernatural powers.

Angels photographed in Glenview church Chicago

Women Believe They Photographed An Angel

A woman claims to have photographed an angel last year. The report was featured on WGN9 News, an independent Chicago television station. During this segment, she was interviewed and photographs were displayed. The entire...

cab driver crash people side of hill

Don’t believe in Guardian Angels? Watch this

Some call it luck, while others call it divine intervention. Seen in this video compilation (which focuses on automotive accidents) people’s lives are nearly cut short. However, something seemingly urges them to move in...

Fallen angel in London

Fallen angel lands in London

This was quite a sight to see, assumed to be some kind of art project gone right or wrong depending how someone perceives this. Seen in video footage and photos floating around, display what...

Angel at the river

Angel by the river

Sometimes you meet people in life who leave a lasting impression upon you. This time was special, as a man approached a couple along a river bank. The day was bright and beautiful, with...