Bigfoot Archive

Trail camera captures Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest

An astounding video has emerged showing only a glimpse of a Bigfoot, which stumbled

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but

Sasquatch spotted in Tofino Canada

A Sasquatch has been spotted in Canada, some news footage was taken to capture

Bigfoot seen on Michigan eagle nest camera

Incredibly, it seems a Bigfoot was captured high above from an eagle nest camera.

Two men spot a pair of Sasquatch

Several men went on an expedition and what they found was something spectacular. The

The elusive Yeti

Known to have been sighted throughout various parts of the world including: Nepal, Bhutan,

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage

It is one of the most controversial videos of Bigfoot ever. This footage was

Nurse snaps photo of Bigfoot

While driving by, a woman took a rather interesting photograph. She claims this is

GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

Not much is known about this video, other than it was uploaded last year

Bigfoot sighting in Vicksburg

It seems in rural Vicksburg, Mississippi a big foot sighting happened. Yet once again,