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Wild conspiracy claims Michael Jackson is still alive

This theory is a wild one indeed. Michael Jackson is believed to still be

Marilyn Monroe murdered before revealing aliens exist

Born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, she later would become world famous as Marilyn Monroe.

Strava heat map exposes secret government locations around the world

Unknowingly, workers within governments agencies around the world, have mapped out hidden base locations

Humans have been genetically engineered and experimented upon

Believed to be an elaborate conspiracy, may well be the truth of our very

More NASA hoax theories unveiled

When people donate to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) they believe that their

Did Abraham Lincoln have a doppelgänger of doom?

It is quite remarkable to think, there was the possibility of another Abraham Lincoln

Reversed alien technology secretly being used in Florida

Back in 1989, there was a man named Robert Lazar, who shocked the world

Singer and YouTube personality Poppy believed to be a robot

She is awkwardly unstable and seems to not “act” human. A YouTube channel, has

More children continue to go missing

Strangely, there has been a number of missing children, who have gone missing in

Bizarre secret messages hidden in Google Translator

Is there some sort of hidden code in plain sight, while using Google translate?

Nibiru predicted to hit Earth

Our demise may be closer than we think. The doomsayers have spoken, such as

Actor and comedian Sinbad’s Shazaam! conspiracy

Have the higher ups created a cover up after being caught? Something peculiar has