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Reptilian reporter caught shape-shifting live on TV

While watching the evening news, one couldn’t imagine such a video being played. However,

UFO Seekers get close to Area 51

With ominous music playing in their video, a video was posted on YouTube showing

UFO experts are mysteriously disappearing

Wild theories have been happening lately, regarding the disappearances of paranormal investigators. Those who

Las Vegas shooting conspiracies

Recently, a great tragedy struck America, with a shooting taking place in Las Vegas,

Apocalyptic Emergency Alert message broadcast to California residents

Not long ago, (Sept 21, 2017) in Orange County, California, a rather bizarre broadcast

The Mothman connection conspiracies

Mothman West Virginia As documented in history, the very first sighting of the Mothman

Los Angeles man harassed by reptilian shapeshifters

His name is Richard Bruce and ever since he uploaded videos regarding the existence

Elvis Presley lives!

Allegedly one of the most revered entertainers of all time—died on August 16th, 1977.

Tour bus accidentally crosses Area 51 base

While it still remains a fascinating and mysterious place, Area 51 has become a

Keanu Reeves believed to be a vampire and/or time traveling magician

Believed to be Nosferatu or perhaps a time traveling magician, actor Keanu Reeves defies

Giant cover up by the Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institute, was forced to release documentation involving a rather astounding piece of

Daughter of Michael Jackson says Illuminati killed her father

Her father was one of the biggest stars of the world. He entertained millions