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Everything completely creepy, causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.

This video was recorded from television off someones phone. During a segment interview with Fox News reporter Martha MacCallum, a woman is seen with elongated slits in the pupils of her eyes. She doesn’t look entirely human, it is as if something is very off about her. While some viewers mentioned they didn’t see anything… Read Article →

Recently, a video has been circulating involving what appears to be a vampire doll perched on top of a stone slab. (Perhaps this is part of someone’s grave) A bottle of red colored juice, suggests that the baby has been feeding on real blood. Labeled in the video description reads: “A sculptor created this baby… Read Article →

The message of this video, is to always pay attention, to what is around you. It would be wise enough, to stay away from picking up strangers alongside the road, especially at night. You just never know, what might happen next. Presented as an indie film, a filmmaker named David Rebordão from Portugal, always felt… Read Article →

Seen in this rather bizarre photograph, appears to be a young girl standing in front of a Redbox automated retail kiosk machine. The Redbox company, allows people to rent movies and games online. They then pick them up at one of their 36,000 retail locations around the country. This photograph has made its way around… Read Article →

Unknown whether or not this entire incident really happened, a woman known as Annora “Annie” Petrova, was on her pathway to an early demise. Her only known photograph, appears within a Wikipedia page which no longer exists. It is eerily creepy how things unfolded for her. Strangely, there is a Wikipedia page, that has a… Read Article →

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