brain freeze

Australians Are Freezing Their Brains

Weirdness is happening in ‘the land down under’. Australia has an estimated population of around 24.77 million people. Among these people, a few were selected to cryogenic ally have their brains frozen. One case in particular gained attention, after Philip Rhoades’ parents died within 10...

Momo mobile challenge

Momo Challenge Claims More Lives

The game originated from Facebook and has since become a problem online. Young people are playing this game, which challenges them to do different things. Eventually for some, they end up taking their own life. This bizarre challenge, is now linked to a number of...

Amazon Alexa privacy weird laughing

Alexa Enabled Amazon Devices Are Doing Weird Things

There have been numerous reports of people hearing Amazon’s Alexa enabled devices, carrying on conversations without anyone else around. Are they malfunctioning? Or, is something else going on entirely? While there are videos showing Alexa devices responding, typically the camera angle has been conveniently cropped...