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Pennsylvanian construction workers capture photo of the Jersey Devil

Recently, a 32 year old Pennsylvania construction worker known as R.W. was on his way back

Kap-Dwa two-headed giant displayed for all to see

A glass display located in Baltimore, Maryland showcases what may well be a Kap-Dwa.

Chupacabra slain by farmer in the Ukraine

In the Ukraine, a rather strange creature was discovered. It looks much like a

Russian scientists battle giant squid under Antarctica

A lot of activity has been happening underneath the frigid ice of Antarctica. It

White dragon shot and killed in Malaysia

These photos were taken which resemble a small sized dragon. The creature is reminiscent

Legends of the Mapinguari

These menacing monsters have roamed the jungles of Brazil. Their origination is from tribal

Strange sea creature spotted in Long Island

Often things appear which simply cannot be explained. Perhaps it was something just passing

Strange creature seen in the forests of Oregon

Sometimes things simply can’t be explained, and sometimes they are just a fake setup

Amateur photographer captures Loch Ness monster on camera

(Urquhart Castle ruins, Loch Ness) This legend has been around for ages. It has

Chupacabras on the prowl

Perhaps the name rings a bell, it is a small creature which has appeared

The Pope Lick monster of Kentucky

This half-man, half-goat like creature, was seen roaming around back in the later 1800’s

13 foot sea creature found in Spain

Deep beneath the ocean lie large sea creatures which we have never even seen