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Children seen on video targeted by otherworldly entites

Paranormal activity can and does happen. There have been movies made about different isolated

Demon photographed in Arizona

What appears to be a demon, is seen walking the streets. The image has

Man from Russia possessed on camera

What appears to be a man inside of a psychiatric ward, is seen on

Amityville Horror house for sale

Known as one of the most paranormal locations in the United States, is a

Kendall Rae gets attacked by a spirit in her sleep

Her name is Kendall Rae she is a YouTuber and experienced something rather strange.

Satanic demon magicians exposed

Demonic forces are at work, throughout the ages of time influences have been made

Strange woman at church

It was the weirdest experience for this woman who went to church with her

The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

Her name is Latoya Ammons and what she experienced was something that will haunt

Mass demonic outbreak in Peru

Rather strange and disturbing footage was recorded recently. What is seen shows Peruvian children

Demon watches over unborn baby

Strange things can occur during a pregnancy. Every expecting mother wants their child to

Demonic force takes control of Hillary Clinton

She is certainly in the spotlight, what exactly she is remains unseen until now.

Sex with a succubus

There are several kinds of spiritual phenomena the first is objective phenomena when spirits