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A small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one. They are different from sprites and brownies being far less mischievous.

Capturing the very thoughts and hearts of many, two girls living in a suburban village located in West Yorkshire, England have since kept our imaginations alive, with a series of alleged fairy sightings. This took place, back in the year 1917. The girls became great friends, aside from being cousins, while living in a suburban… Read Article →

While wandering the woods, someone was out filming nature footage with their camera. Along the way, they noticed something rather unusual peek out from a tree hole. At first, this video footage didn’t appear to be anything unusual, until the they returned home to watch it. They were shocked to see,what resembled a small humanoid… Read Article →

Believed to be a popular folk tale, to those who live in this area, this remote spot is nestled away in the woods, not far from Connecticut’s Middlebury. Known as Little People’s Village, this place is a series of crumbling doll-sized homes and structures. From what is known, this place was tailored towards little people,… Read Article →

There are certain things which happen, that nobody has a real answer for. These things are unknown and quite often, fall into the paranormal description of things. This startling tale, happened to a young man—who initially thought he was experiencing something friendly, but perhaps he was mistaken all along. It all started, when he was… Read Article →

A strange sylvan creature photograph has emerged online from Reddit. It appears to show a sylvan creature. What gender it may be is questionable. Not too much is known about the origination of this photo and where it came from. The photograph is assumed to be taken in a park location. Who took the photograph,… Read Article →

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