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Ghost plays hide and seek with Daddy

This popular video has been floating around for years, leaving many wondering whether or

Classes canceled after ghostly possession takes control of 15 students

Located in the Philippines, something rather unusual happened after 15 different students at a

Women are having sex with ghosts

A strange phenomena has been happening especially with women. It is known as Spectrophilia,

Belfast Halloween spirit spans several spooks

A photograph taken in Belfast, Ireland last year, it seems to show several ghostly

10 Ghastly ghost photos to make your skin crawl

  10. Ghost figure in the background This photo seems to have an ominous

Little girl who lives in the wall

While there are many things we cannot rationally make sense of, there are some

Possessed Psychic medium photographed

A photograph has been circulating since 2014, showing psychic medium Jeanette Q. Baird. She

The ghostly footage of Teresa Fidalgo

The message of this video, is to always pay attention, to what is around

British woman admits to having sex with 20 different ghosts

Amethyst Realm from the United Kingdom, is a 27-year-old woman, who says she is

Skeletal ghostly photo taken at ice skating rink

While out ice skating years ago, a woman took several strange photographs. This happened

Eerie apparition photographed in the United Kingdom

Located in the United Kingdom, a brother apparently woke up in the middle of

The ghosts of North Hall Library

While wandering through the North Hall Library located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania one can only