Category: Ghosts

Longleat Ghost

The Ghost of Longleat House

Regarded as one of the most compelling videos of a ghost ever seen on camera, the location is set in the United Kingdom. Known as the Longleat House, this video shows a ghostly figure...

Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror!

Can children see ghostly spirits?

It is difficult to understand children and what they might be thinking. Their imaginations are very active and sometimes it continues into adulthood. However, many have believed that children hold a sense of spirits...

Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders ghost

Texas cheerleaders get a haunting surprise

While haunting s seem to occur in old homes, they also can happen at radio stations. These photos show what appears to be, some sort of ghostly entity standing behind the Tascosa Rebels Cheerleaders....

Strange mirror reflection Japanese girl

Japanese girl casts ghostly reflection

This video footage shows what appears to be a little Japanese girl looking at herself in the mirror. Why she cast such a strange reflection is mind boggling. It seems that the girls reflection...

Ghost at Tantallon Castle closeup

The ghost photos of Tantallon Castle

The image of this, almost looks like a short court jester albeit a ghostly one. Known to be a haunted area, this location has brought many paranormal investigators to the scene. The countryside here...