Ghosts Archive

Organ eating ghost plagues small village in Thailand

Located in a small village within Thailand, are troubled villagers who have pooled together

Actor Roger Moore was haunted by ghostly visitations

He was debonair and was best known for portraying the famous Ian Fleming character

Officers flee haunted house after devilish encounter

Located in the country of Chile, a terrifying experience happened for several police officers

Ghost hunter becomes possessed by childish spirit

A couple from the United Kingdom, admitted to capturing footage of a paranormal encounter.

Legend of the Stow Lake Ghost

If you are ever near Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, then you won’t be

Small ghostly spirit haunts Idaho park

Located in Idaho, is a park. There have been reports and even alleged photographic

Young women capture Victorian era ghost in selfie photo

Back in 2014, two friends posed for a selfie picture together. Everything seems fine,

Tattooed witch babysits with ghostly spirit in house

Located on top of a profile on YouTube, is a picture. It shows a

Strange shadow ghost photo taken in Nevada

A crazy detailed photograph was taken showing what appears to be a small little

Ghost behind the looking glass

This photograph appears to show a ghost lingering behind a window outside. The person

Ghostly entity captured on family’s surveillance camera

Located in Clovis, New Mexico something peculiar happened. A husband and wife were eating

Dash camera captures Irish ghost crossing road

Located in Armagh, Ireland a rather strange occurrence happened. Seen in a video recording,