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Known for cursing those who have rubbed them the wrong way, they reside in different parts of the world. The use of trickery plays a part in the daily life of a gypsy.

There are many myths about them, they are known to be manipulative in their ways and equally dangerous. However, not all of them are bad per say. Gypsies are stereotyped to live in caravans and thrown big fat lavish weddings. They are believed to be ignorant, living in the streets, stealing from strangers and setting… Read Article →

Not to be underestimated, people practice dark magic rituals. In particular, what is known as voodoo can cause sudden madness and even death in some instances. A woman who was a voodoo priestess, allegedly took an entire town with her when she died. (A voodoo priestess is a spirit guide between the living and the… Read Article →

A Romanian woman named Gina Mihai, was contacted from beyond the grave—by her fallen grandmother. Gina is 34 years old and noticed on her cell phone, a rather unusual image. Although the photograph is distorted, the image resembles her late grandmother. Gina believes, that a snake can be seen wrapped around the neck of her… Read Article →

The faith of Muslims is rather strong, their belief is that God is one—while Muslims believe that Islam is of a primordial faith. This very faith was shown many times by prophets who included Adam, Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus in recorded scripture. Allah is the name for God, the Supreme Being, in the Arabic… Read Article →

Hands are used for most things, only sometimes they may hover over a crystal ball; it is a gypsy which will land a gaze of wonder – which will foretell your future. Will you be lucky? Will you have bad luck? Or, will you even meet your demise sooner than latter? These questions linger, as… Read Article →

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