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Strange and unusual stories gathered from across the world.

Ekaterina Fedyaeva medical accident Russia

Young Russian Woman Mistakenly Embalmed Alive

A young 27 year old Russian woman named Ekaterina Fedyaeva, was mistakenly injected with embalming fluid. What a terrible and painful way to leave this world. This medical mishap, is still under investigation in...

Zombie Raccoons in Ohio

Zombie Raccoons Terrorize Ohio Town

A series of isolated incidents involving raccoons happened in Youngstown, Ohio. With the strange behavior displayed by the raccoons, over a dozen of them have been euthanized. Apparently, these raccoons were suffering from a...

Clown Mask killing Florida

Crazed Masked Clown Killed by Pizza Employee

This strange incident took place in Holly Hill, Florida recently. When 28 year old employee Heriberto Feliciano, left his Little Caesar’s restaurant, he thought he would be returning home like any other evening. To...