Category: Supernatural

Kelvin Santos

Boy wakes up at his own funeral

Sometimes incredible discoveries happen just in the nick of time. What happened was nothing short of a miracle, as a young boy was pronounced dead by medical staff in Brazil. His name is Kelvin...

Letta the haunted doll

Letta the haunted gypsy doll

Buried deep beneath an abandoned house (which was believed to be haunted) a man named Kerry Walton found a rather unusual hand carved doll. This was no ordinary doll, it seemed to be a...

Akiane Kramarik

Gifts of the Indigo children

These rather extraordinary young folks are known as Indigo children. They have been blessed with creativity and talent far beyond their years. The children are known by other names such as crystal children or...


Weeping statue of Tarshiha

They are known as weeping statues, these occurrences have happened all over the world in various places. It is a phenomenon which sparks much religious debate to its authenticity. There have been sightings of...