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A mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found. (Unidentified Flying Objects)

A bombshell has happened that has since rocked the world. Until now, speculation that extraterrestrial life exists, was mere speculation to many. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian defense minister, mentioned that the United States knew aliens have visited Earth, warning humanity that we were on a path of complete utter destruction. These alien entities, offered to… Read Article →

Some of the best ever video footage of an unidentified flying object, was captured while a passenger was on board an airplane recently on Wednesday. Kerry Forides from Athens, Greece was on a commercial airplane flight. He is a resident in Greece, but is from Australia. To his surprise, he noticed something quite unusual…whatever it… Read Article →

Seen on the YouTube channel by MrMBB333, is a photograph that stands out among the rest regarding UFO activity in the skies above. This amazing spaceship of sorts, seems to be scouring the sky for some kind of reason. Is this something secretly created by a rogue government agency or is it really a spaceship… Read Article →

New video, shows what appears to be some sort of UFO flying from the Moon. While the object is rather small, it seems to move quite peculiar as it flies away from the Moon. Now, there are more sightings popping up around different spots around the world of other UFOs. Is it possible, that these… Read Article →

While viewers from Oregon were watching one of their favorite news programs, they noticed something rather unusual behind the news desk, where the broadcasters were seated. It seems that some UFO activity, was happening right behind them live, during a broadcast with morning news anchor Ken Boddie. It happened between a weather and traffic report… Read Article →

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