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Arrowhead alien spaceship snapped flying over Kentucky

Seen on the YouTube channel by MrMBB333, is a photograph that stands out among

UFO recorded flying from the Moon

New video, shows what appears to be some sort of UFO flying from the

UFOs spotted during live Oregon news broadcast

While viewers from Oregon were watching one of their favorite news programs, they noticed

Reversed alien technology secretly being used in Florida

Back in 1989, there was a man named Robert Lazar, who shocked the world

UFOs spotted 80 years apart seem quite similar

People have their moments of clarity, in certain moments. This time, a man’s daughter

US Pentagon reveals UFO program disclosure

For the longest time, people have wondered what has been happening with alien spacecraft

Mysterious meteorite strikes down near Thunder Bay, Ontario

Lasted evening, a meteor or perhaps something else, hit the most populated area of

South Dakota’s Crazy Horse Monument invaded by UFO

Recently, a rather extraordinary moment occurred in the sky, just above the Crazy Horse

The Glen Arbor UFO experience

As the holiday season nears with Christmas on the way, people share different stories

Hidden UFO and treasure discovered at ancient Indian temple

Whether this is a hoax or legitimate, has had people wondering ever since the

Former President George Bush was controlled by aliens

For years, people wondered why there seemed to be something off about former President

UFO Mothership refuels next to the Sun

Last year, our Sun played host to what appears to be an alien mother