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Worldwide UFO sightings reach an all-time high

There has been an astronomically large amount of UFO sightings over the last decade.

UFO hovers near the Statue of Liberty

What appears to be some sort of UFO was near lady liberty herself. The

UFO recorded by thermal drone in Romania

Amazing footage has been presented to Secure Team 10 on YouTube. Seen in the

Morphing UFO portals appearing all over England

Appearing all over England, are gaseous dark colored clouds. They seem to form a

UFO photo taken on Mars resembles alien spaceship

Seen on the planet Mars, is an unusual object. It almost appears to be

Stunning UFO cell phone capture in Sonora, Mexico has gone viral

What appears to be a UFO caught in Sonora, Mexico with a cell phone

UFO hunt turns dangerous for three hikers in Massachusetts

Wandering out in the woods is something people do sometimes. However, what if you

Roswell deputy sheriff spills details about crash encounter

Recently, a former deputy sheriff from Roswell, NM came forward saying he witnessed four

Clearly seen UFOs captured on camera in Arizona

His name is Mauricio Morales and he was on his way back home to

China confirms the existence of UFOs and aliens

A question which many people have been awaiting an answer for has finally come

Mysterious VHS UFO footage found recently

While there are numerous UFO videos discovered, this one is rather intriguing. The source

The Varginha UFO incident

Perhaps this event is the biggest thing since the infamous Roswell incident. The event