Strange Orange Pulsating Light Filmed Over Gelsenkirchen Germany

Unexplained Pulsating Light Over Germany

Whatever this was, it has people wondering what it might be. It happened on June 22nd, this year. Other pulsating lights have been seen around different locations as well – although the colors and scale seem to vary in size. The biggest question is, what...

Jesus Seen In The Clouds

Holy Spirits Spotted In The Sky

Recently, a woman living in Alabama, recorded something many are calling quite remarkable. It seems that Jesus or a figure resembling The Holy Spirit itself, was captured walking inside of a cloud. The video is amazing from a religious perspective. Has The Lord looked down...

The Lady of Fátima statue in church

Virgin Mary Statue Seen Moving On Video

Believed to be a miracle or deception, this video appears to show The Lady of Fátima moving. The exact location is unknown, yet this statue displays movement seen in this eerily creepy video. The Lady of Fátima, is the Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin...