Unexplained Mysteries Archive

The woman from a parallel universe

People often feel like they don’t belong or something seems way off—about where they

Strange space ball spheres are tumbling to Earth

There are a number of highly unusual spheres which continue to fall to Earth.

Mysterious dark mirror becomes part of traveling paranormal museum

What seemingly appears to be another mirror isn’t. Paranormal researchers and traveling haunted object

The mysterious and unexplained Bélmez faces

What happened back on August 23rd of 1971, would change the lives of the

The strange phenomena of spontaneous human combustion

This wondrous phenomenon dates back to the 15th century. It is known as spontaneous

Firefighter predicts his own death leaving handprint behind

Back in 1924, a rather strange occurrence took place. A helpful soul he was,

Jean Hilliard’s frozen miracle

A woman named Jean Hilliard experienced something which still baffles medical science today. The