Urban Legends Archive

This cursed haunted website has people scared

Most people believe in something otherworldly or at least the thought of it. Numerous

Inside the Devil’s Dungeon

Known as Satan’s Hollow, this location is believed to be a passage into the

Mad mannequins in the attic

When we store away things for safe keeping, we expect these things to be

Headless Annie ghost of Harlan County

This baffling and gruesome urban legend, takes place within the foothills and forests of

Mommy and daddy I can’t sleep

This urban legend originates with several creepy dolls, who were selected by a girl

The suicide portrait painting

This lesser known urban legend, begins with a young woman who took her own

Côco the ghastly goon spirit

From a piece of urban folklore, comes the tale about a pumpkin headed spirit,

The haunting legends of Zombie Road

Located in St. Louis, Missouri lies a road believed to be a funnel for

Riddled with rumors Helltown, Ohio permanently closed

Now an abandoned village, this remote location is riddled with rumors and numerous urban

Legend of Kuchisake-onna, the woman with a split mouth

This urban legend, comes from Japan involving a young woman—who vengefully kills those who

Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman

Curse of the Crying Boys

He was born as Bruno Amadio in Vence, Italy back in 1911. Later, he