Urban Legends Archive

The hairy hands of Dartmoor

Long ago, back in 1910…on a dark winters night, the first incident happened on

The babysitter and the clown

This urban legend dates back to the year 2011, when parents hired a babysitter

The Florida Squallies

Buried deep within the Florida Everglades, is a residential area known as the Golden

Werewolf encounter in the Bronx

Picture the year 1913, it is a cold wintry evening in the streets of

Goatman found in the woods

This photo has been floating around for a while now, it shows what appears

Legends of the Mapinguari

These menacing monsters have roamed the jungles of Brazil. Their origination is from tribal

The exsistence of Jinn

The faith of Muslims is rather strong, their belief is that God is one—while

Sifting through Stull Cemetery

There are places so dreadful that when you walk near them—you feel either sick

Countess of Desmond lived to be 140 years old

Sometimes nature has its way of weeding out the weak and letting the strong

The Well to Hell

While the sounds are questionable, the eerie notion of hell deep beneath the Earth

The Rusalka sirens of the sea

  It was believed in Slavic mythology that a Rusalka was much like a

The Pope Lick monster of Kentucky

This half-man, half-goat like creature, was seen roaming around back in the later 1800’s