Vampires Archive

Humans are nothing but energy vampires

Sometimes when we meet someone, something just feels off. This person seemingly rubs you

Keanu Reeves believed to be a vampire and/or time traveling magician

Believed to be Nosferatu or perhaps a time traveling magician, actor Keanu Reeves defies

A vampires tale in Styria

In the country of Austria, a tragic event took place when a woman’s boyfriend

Vampiric ways

People have believed for many years that there is something lurking within the darkness.

Reincarnated as Dracula

An interesting story was sent in to us recently. What this man has experienced

The Croglin Grange vampire mystery

The origination of vampires dates back many years ago, people told stories about these

Man without a reflection

What is unseen remains controversial. In this video, a younger looking man dressed in