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A person who changes for periods of time into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon. Using their sharp fangs and claws, they prey upon their victims shredding them to pieces.

Two fishermen allegedly were out one day, spending a relaxing afternoon together. It was all quite typical, until both he and his friend discovered what appears to be a werewolf corpse, lying in the shallow water below where they were fishing that day. Most often, it is quite difficult to believe that something such as… Read Article →

Back in 1942, Nazi German soldiers stumbled onto a rather incredible discovery. This wasn’t human but something else entirely. This rather mysterious looking creature, appeared to be that of a female werewolf. These rather strange mythological beasts, are a cross between a human and a wolf. Most everyone knows about the stories of humans transforming… Read Article →

While this photograph has made its way around the internet. The origination is not clear, what is seen appears to be that of a werewolf beast, crawling its way up the stairs. The location isn’t known, however it does appear to be rather creepy. Whether or not this is real, is anyone’s speculation. What is… Read Article →

Picture the year 1913, it is a cold wintry evening in the streets of New York City. Not far from the Mosholu Parkway, something quite unusual was lurking in the shadows. This urban legend mentions an illuminating werewolf type creature wandering the streets at night. Utter nonsense some people believe, but by those who saw… Read Article →

When you travel down the road, you can’t help but be cautious. Mostly people are looking out for other drivers, people crossing the road or something that fell off a truck to watch out for. But what if there was something else entirely different there? This is what many people claimed to have seen on… Read Article →

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