Witchcraft casting spell

Witchcraft workings and wonderment

With ritualistic practices on the rise, a witch’s familiar remains faithfully by their side. These types of minions range from the classic black cat to a venomous type of spider. They are used to provide some type of protection for a witch and look out...

Officer Samaniego Monterrey

Policeman in Mexico attacked by flying witch

In the foothills of Monterrey, Mexico a police officer encountered what he called a witch flying over top of a graveyard. This flying witch, then turned to attack him. Frightened and confused he reacted calling in the bizarre encounter. Apparently, someone nearby recorded footage of...


Magic spell scrolls found in Serbia

It seems that researchers have discovered a series of spell scrolls from the eastern part of Serbia near the modern-day city of Kostolac. What these we exactly used for is another story, however they are quite ancient. The scrolls were found alongside the remains of...