The discovery of a planetary area known as Proxima b orbits the Sun. It’s proximity places it as a stellar neighbor to us. This would be considered Earth 2, as its living conditions may be similar to that of our planet Earth. It is from this planet aliens have been reported visiting us on Earth. It is believed that back in the 1950’s, eight foot humanoids known as Cenos aliens have been visiting our world for centuries.

The Alpha Centauri star system is known as “hands” the reason for this are the alien beings which have been reported about. They have long praying mantis like hands with long protruding fingers. Their appearance is actually not so menacing as most aliens have been portrayed.

alien and planet

These beings have been reported as being lovable and even childlike. Their bodies are shaped kind of like a praying mantis insect. The hands aliens reportedly had one woman under hypnosis, it then revealed itself to her and a team of California psychologists back in 1957.

Their intelligence was being compared to the cross between human and canine. The aliens had dome-shaped bodies, again they were shaped like a praying mantis insect. Documented by “The True Account – A Hypnotic Subject Reports on Outer Space”. This was first published back in 1976 by Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden.

It is rather amazing as thousands of exoplanets have been discovered before. The guesstimate is this area is roughly four light years away. This would be 25 trillion miles from our Earth. What is known as the red dwarf star orbits the star system consists of Alpha Centauri. It is here these are comprised of Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B and the Proxima Centauri.


From all of this new found information the alien enthusiasts, governments and alien hunters have been freaking out about this. These staggering tall aliens even reached heights of near 9 feet. The Cenos aliens apparently had more than one heart, they also were five times stronger than humans.

The alien also reported they also have no need for sleep, no suffering from any diseases and their lifespan ranged upwards of 120 years. Their skulls were tall and elongated and their skin had huge pores. The folklore of these aliens doesn’t stop with our modern era.

Cenos aliens with cavemen

They have been visiting since prehistoric times. Perhaps they interacted with some cavemen and women. The alien also communicated to the group about their visit during World War II. Conspiracy theorists mention these aliens beings were spotted on Earth back in 2012—when they visited Taitung, Taiwan. What the wore were grey spacesuits with helmets and their spaceships resembled spinning tape recorders. The Cenos aliens also visited the ancient Akkadian civilization back in (c. 2300 B.C.)

Scott C. Waring

A man named Scott C Waring from UFO Sightings Daily mentioned experts are stating this is indeed real. They are tall upward of 250 centimeters. Their heads are similar to that of a praying mantis along with their bodies. All of this is rather interesting, perhaps more evidence will turn up about this.