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Everything completely creepy, causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.

Redbox girl caught mutating by security camera

Redbox girl caught mutating by security camera

Seen in this rather bizarre photograph, appears to be a young girl standing in front of a Redbox automated retail kiosk machine. The Redbox company, allows people to rent movies and games online. They...

Creepy doll in a box

10 Creepy paranormal encounters

There are some experiences that linger with us in life. Sometimes these experiences haunt our very souls. Readers sometimes share their incredible stories and some of them truly are fascinating to read. The following...

Creepy Guy Masks and Wigs

Creepy guy changes his masks and wigs

Behind closed doors many things can happen. There is an underbelly of society that exists. These people, privately practice different rituals which would be deemed illegal or freakish to most people. Every day, more...

Creepy boys transformed in the dark

Boys transform inside dark basement

During a dark night years ago, friends discovered an old abandoned home in the woods. Reluctant to enter at first, they continued on and entered this old run-down home the very next day. At...

The doll that aged terribly well

The doll that aged terribly well

When people collect things, sometimes they can go overboard with their passions. However, sometimes a certain object holds its value to the owner. What if, this object was a doll that actually seemed to...