Category: Cryptozoology

The search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness monster and the yeti.

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Located in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is video footage of a rather unusual creature. Some believe, this nothing more than a small monkey—wearing some sort of costume outfit. Meanwhile, others believe this...

Pombéro creature on camera

Pombéro creature captured on camera

Dating back to Guaraní mythology, where people from South America live—a most unusual creature has been mentioned and even captured on video in recent times. Known as the Pombéro, these small stature d humanoid...

White dragon shot and killed in Malaysia

These photos were taken which resemble a small sized dragon. The creature is reminiscent of the luck dragon named Falcor from the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. From ancient myths and stories of dragons...


Legends of the Mapinguari

These menacing monsters have roamed the jungles of Brazil. Their origination is from tribal lore. There are eyewitness reports of these creatures known as Mapinguari (pronounced ma-ping-wahr-EE). Each eyewitness report are from loggers and...


Strange sea creature spotted in Long Island

Often things appear which simply cannot be explained. Perhaps it was something just passing by someones sight and they thought it was something else entirely. Recently in Long Island on Thursday, a couple spotted...

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