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3406 Brownville Road night

The Demon of Brownsville Road

In the hub of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as Allegheny County exists the borough Brentwood. It is here where unimaginable terror would reign. A book has been written by Bob Cranmer who lived and experienced...

demon girl

Demon in the darkness

The origination of this story is unclear other than it happened in Oregon, it seems a younger couple who enjoyed one another s company had quite an encounter with a paranormal presence. They didn’t...

dover demon

The Dover Demon

Three students witnessed one of the most bizarre encounters of their lives during April 21st 1977.  It seems this was a new discovery of something otherworldly. What they witnessed was quite similar as they...

levitating woman

Demonic Possession

Demonic possession is something which has been around for quite some time. There are different types of possession which can take place. Demonic possession is actually quite rare. There are forms of oppression and...

annabelle doll

Annabelle the haunted doll

Perhaps you have heard about the 2013 released film The Conjuring, this film is loosely based upon a rather disturbing story about an ordinary Raggedy Ann doll. For the film, it was given a...