Category: Ghosts

Japanese reporter terrified from seeing ghost near her

Japanese ghost haunts abandoned hospital

The following video is disturbing for a few moments. A Japanese reporter was out on assignment talking about a location believed to be haunted. She of course is a skeptical, as she seems to...

Banshee ghost captured on camera in India

Banshee ghost photographed in India has gone viral

Several days ago in India, people were freaking out over a strange sighting. It seems that a banshee was photographed outside, glancing down to a crowd of curious spectators. This event took place in...

Peaches Geldof ghostly photo

The Peaches Geldof ghost hand mystery

Seen in this Instagram photograph, was an eerie hand captured by mother Peaches Geldof. The daughter of Irish singer and songwriter Bob Geldof. (Bob is the lead singer of Boomtown Rats) Peaches became a...

August 16 2010 ghost behind girl on blue ball

Girl encounters staircase ghost

Things become rather mysterious as things go bump in the night. This time is no exception, as a young teenage girl, is seen bouncing on a blue ball. She continues talking about playing the...