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Ariana Grande has a supernatural encounter

Ariana Grande, the 20-year-old your daughter/niece/teenybopper neighbor adores,graces the cover of Complex magazine’s December 2013/January 2014 issue. And in the interview, she described an unusual encounter with the supernatural.

I’ve had a ghost/demon experience. We were in Kansas City a few weeks ago and went to this haunted castle and were so excited. The next night we wanted to go to Stull Cemetery, which is known as one of the seven gates to hell on Earth.

I felt this sick, overwhelming feeling of negativity over the whole car and we smelled sulfur, which is the sign of a demon, and there was a fly in the car randomly, which is another sign of a demon. I was like, “This is scary, let’s leave.” I rolled down the window before we left and said, “We apologize. We didn’t mean to disrupt your peace.” Then I took a picture and there are three super distinct faces in the picture — they’re faces of textbook demons.

I was going to sleep about two weeks ago. I had just gotten off the phone and as soon as I closed my eyes I heard this really loud rumble right by my head. When I opened my eyes it stopped immediately, but when I closed my eyes it started again with whispers. Every time I closed my eyes I started seeing these really disturbing images with, like, red shapes. Then I opened my eyes and got back on the phone and was like, “I’m really scared and I don’t want to go to bed tonight.”

And then I scooched over to the left side of my bed, because that’s where the best service is in my room, and there was this massive black matter.
It was like a cloud of something black right next to me. I started crying. I was on the phone like, “What do I do, what do I do?” and they said, “Tell it to eff off.” I thought, I’m not going to do that. It’s going to upset it, so I’m just going to chill and not feed into it because all it wants is fear. It feeds on fear. I watched it move to the front of my bed and then I fell asleep on the phone. I woke up and it was gone.

Perhaps even weirder, Grande is not the first pop star to open up about such experiences. Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have all confessed to encounters with the other realm. (Though their stories consist of ghosts and haunted houses, not so much malevolent demons.)

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Tye Chapman

Interview With Bigfoot Researcher Tye Chapman

Well, we have been a long time getting here, but we are posting our 22nd installment of “Interview with a researcher.” Today’s researcher is Tye Chapman. She is part of the researching duo known as Corey and Tye or the Bonaparte Bigfoot Team. Her research partner, Corey, was part of our series back in 2014. You can read his interview by Clicking Here. Over the past few years, and especially the last year, we have featured BBT’s efforts here on our website. They have captured some good audio and found some nice tracks, along with other evidence.

Here is my interview with Tye.

– Start Interview –

TM: How long have you been researching/studying bigfoot?
TC: I have been heavily researching bigfoot since March of 2015.

TM: What got you interested in Bigfoot, Was there a particular event that got you started?
TC: My interest in bigfoot began at age 10 . I went to the movies to see the legend of boggy creek, since then I’ve been hooked on the big guys.

TM: During your research/studying of Bigfoot, have you ever encountered aggressive behavior or felt in danger from a bigfoot?
TC: I have only had one aggressive encounter, although I do not believe it was bigfoot. I believe it was the Missouri monster, but that’s another story.

TM: It seems Skeptics are always ready to attack bigfoot research, How do you deal with it?
TC: I am learning to just brush off the attacks, it’s really hard to deal with sometimes, especially if they are vicious. I just remember that I love what I do and that’s all that matters.

TM: Would you like to see Bigfoot accepted and/or proven to the general public?
TC: Yes and no. Yes I would love to see bigfoot proven without a doubt. On the other hand, if it is proven I’m afraid of all the hunting and testing and torture that bigfoot would have to endure.

TM: What is your favorite time of year to research/study bigfoot, When do you have your most success?
TC: Spring and summer is my most successful time to have encounters. After a long cold winter the big guys and gals like to come out and enjoy themselves just like we do.

TM: Do you have a favorite Bigfoot story or report?
TC: The first time that I ever squatched was kinda funny, Corey had taken me to Lacey lake . He had asked them to throw a big rock in the lake. As soon as he asked they threw one, well I jumped out of my skin and just about climbed up Corey’s back . Lol . It took Corey some time to calm me down. Since then I get very excited to hear anything the big guys want to give us.

TM: What would you be doing if you wasn’t researching/studying bigfoot?
TC: If I wasn’t researching bigfoot I’d be wishing I was. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

– End Interview –

Thanks for taking part in the interview, keep us posted on your bigfoot research.

Well, there you have it…. until the next episode…be safe and enjoy the forest.


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