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We all have heard about extraterrestrials but what if they were really us after-all? This is what some people believe as more of them are coming forward with this new found information. They are a unique tribe believing they were abducted by aliens or perhaps us from the very future. This group of people claim… Read Article →

There are a number of people out there who have caught the craze of ghost hunting. Admittedly some of them are out for attention. However, some of them seem fairly legit with their intentions. These videos are rather amusing as two guys from the United Kingdom seek to find paranormal spirits. They decided to explore… Read Article →

In South Lanarkshire, Scotland police stated that they witnessed a levitating dog. The dog was not suspended on any type of wires. They all believe it was an actual paranormal occurrence. The investigation further included wandering through a home where they were in awe of what they saw. Officers at the scene mentioned they watched… Read Article →

Known simply as “The Devil’s Toy Box” this place is located in northern Louisiana. It resides in a remote area being inspired by the Clive Barker Hellraiser series of films. In actuality, it is not something you can hold in your hand like the films. This box actually is a square shaped wooden shack. It… Read Article →

Loving someone to death is an expression. Leaving them under you coffee table is another thing all together. This is what a man named Jeff from Arizona did with his beloved wife. Now each day, he can view her through a transparent glass case which is being used as a coffee table. It may seem… Read Article →

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