Alien hand SOFIA NASA's 747

Alien human-hybrid hand seen during NASA video

A promotional video was released showing inside SOFIA NASA’s 747 fully equipped flying telescope. What is seen during a portion of the video, is rather intriguing. Someone or something is there controlling one of...

Sofiya Magerko before impact

Haunting moments recorded before girls die

Chilling moments were captured, as a young girl lost her life cruising down the road with friends. Her name was Sofiya Magerko, she was from a small Ukrainian town known as Izyum. She desperately...

Shitting at the beach of Mahim near Mumbai

Public pooping problem at the beaches of India

Incredibly, with such a vast income inequality, many people living in the slums of Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) are taking shits along India’s west coast beaches. This densely populated city, has many of its...