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It happened recently in Michigan, when a man’s security camera, photographed what appears to be an angel hovering over top of his truck. Some are saying this is nothing more than a moth caught in camera frame, while others think something supernatural. Glen Thorman, is the man who captured this extraordinary photo. He couldn’t believe… Read Article →

This theory is a wacky one, yet has gained some traction online. Conspiracy theorists and other truth seekers alike, are contemplating that the country of Australia doesn’t really exist. It is an elaborate cover up of sorts, which coincidentally changes history. The country of Australia, is known for its vast interior desert wilderness called the… Read Article →

Sometimes things happen, that are due to negligence. Either people either being lazy or they are overlooking something that needed to be done. Perhaps the simple mistake of being distracted, causing peculiar things to happen as well. This time, located at a Texas funeral home, a 38 year old man named Robert Cavazos Jr. unexpectedly… Read Article →

Seen in a perplexing picture, appears to be some kind of ghostly silhouette, standing upright. Looking carefully, it appears to be the ghost of a young woman, standing between several trees. From what is known, this photograph was taken by an Indian woman named Sneha Divekar on 9/5/10. It took place when both Sneha Divekar… Read Article →

When a mother or father tucks their child in for bed. They hope they are safe from harm. Perhaps they are being protected unknowingly by something else as well. A 39 year old woman named Laura Haigh, along with her partner Dean Evans, captured on camera what appears to be some sort of small sized… Read Article →

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