Do Spirits Leave Handprints Behind

Do Spirits Leave Handprints Behind?

This topic has often been debated about within the paranormal community. It has to do with spirits leaving behind handprints. People think that spirits and demonic dark forces, can leave behind prints on glass,...

Clown Mask killing Florida

Crazed Masked Clown Killed by Pizza Employee

This strange incident took place in Holly Hill, Florida recently. When 28 year old employee Heriberto Feliciano, left his Little Caesar’s restaurant, he thought he would be returning home like any other evening. To...

Mother gives birth inside coffin baby

Dead mother gives birth inside coffin

This bizarre occurrence took place in Toronto, Canada. Some believe, that this is nothing short of a miracle. After 23 hours, a premature 5 pound baby was born from the corpse of her dead...