Drunk belligerent monkey battles locals with kitchen knife

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes along to shock you. Last year, in the country of Brazil, a rum guzzling monkey not only got loose, but grabbed a 12-inch kitchen knife.

After making its way to the top of a small rooftop (in what appears to be a part of a shed or storage unit) this monkey wastes no time, quickly dispatching holes in shingles located high above. This overhang, may have been a part of someone’s roof.

Drunk monkey steals knife freaking people out

People can be heard yelling, as they quickly became weary of what this monkey might do next. The monkey appeared to be confused and frustrated, perhaps after having so many drinks of this tasty rum.

The premise of this is both bizarre and oddly frightening to some. With a monkeys leaping ability, this one was wielding a weapon and who knows what it might have done next. Someone backed away, recording the monkey with their cell phone as seen in the video. It was suspected, the monkey got into some rum alcohol, that was either left out in the open or the monkey found it while snooping around inside of a local bar.

The monkey was being quite friendly, until he got his hands on the knife. From this point onward, the monkey became quite belligerent. Authorities reported that the monkey began chasing some grown men around the room, while wielding the knife. Who knows what the animal was thinking, but as with most animals, they can quickly become rather territorial.

With the monkey’s instincts, it leaped above onto this rooftop as seen in the video. This gave the little fellow, a better tactical advantage as he could see around him more easily. After several failed attempts at trying to reason with the monkey, the fire department apprehended it from its drunken stupor.

Drunk monkey stooper

Later, the monkey was taken away and placed into a nearby environmental reservation. Ironically, the monkey would later be removed from the reservation as well, after threatening some local children. It seems this little monkey, truly enjoys monkeying around. Authorities later pondered the decision, to whether or not this monkey should be re-released again. It may or may not have been kept under supervised captivity later. Sometimes animals need a little bit of help after all.

One thing for sure is, this little fellow seems to have quite a temper—maybe a good monkey woman will help calm him down.

Angel by the river

Sometimes you meet people in life who leave a lasting impression upon you. This time was special, as a man approached a couple along a river bank. The day was bright and beautiful, with lots of nature around including some animals as well. After spending some time along the waters edge and standing on large rocks, this unusual man approached a couple—who were previously engaged in conversation looking out at nature.

The reflection of light was bright, due to them being right at the waters edge. The rocks were large, long a somewhat smooth for their size. Naturally, the rocks were smoothed out over time, from the summer and winter months as the years kept passing by.

River of stones

The husband once passed through the same area as a young boy. However, he couldn’t really remember this place well, due to his young age and faded memories. Little did he know, that he would return here years later, with his wife and enjoy this special day that they shared together.

When the husband glanced back over his right shoulder, a fair haired man took a few steps closer to him. He was friendly and outgoing. Knowing that the city can be a dangerous place sometimes, the husband was certainly cautious at first.

This fair haired man, talked with the husband about the little things and mentioned some of his personal life to him. The husband was reserved yet spoke enough to continue the conversation for a short while. He glanced as in the distance his wife was taking photographs of fish and birds all around the area.

The fair haired man, mentioned that he took a dip into the wandering waters below. This only made sense as the day was hot for this time of year. When the conversation ended with the fair haired man, both of the men shook hands goodbye.

Not more than a mere moment later, the fair haired man was gone. He was nowhere to be found almost as if he vanished into thin air. Puzzled by this the husband began to collect his thoughts over the encounter. First, the fair haired man seemed to appear out of nowhere and left the same way. Was this fair haired man some sort of angel?

Angel at the river

There are numerous stories about angelic encounters and people that survived against all odds. This particular encounter was something simple yet quite unusual as well. Angels are known to appear as people from all walks of life. With their disguises they are intervene into someones life. When this happens it usually is intentional.

Divine intervention has happened without people even knowing it. Perhaps from this meeting the couples path was steered into a different direction. Maybe they avoided an accident or something else that could have happened to them. Everything happens for a reason, each moment in life is intentional. Surely humans have their own free will, as they make their own choices. However, what if some of the choices were already made for them, by an angel in disguise? Certainly this is something to ponder over.

Demonic mad maid captured on camera

In life, there are many things which we don’t understand. Sometimes, we try to label things, so that we can understand them better.

It seems that in the country of Singapore, a maid is seen behaving rather strangely, after she finished her shower. Even from the first glance captured on a CCTV camera, the maid is seen acting totally different. Everything seemed okay, if not for only a mere moment. She was doing okay it seemed, until she started making unusual gestures, knowing that the camera was pointed her way.

Mad maid possessed pointing

Some have speculated, that this was her way of trying to get fired from her current employer. But this may not be the case, her entire persona has been completely altered according to her employer. The reason they have cameras setup, is to protect both their property and those who are at the residence—in a non-disclosed location in Singapore.

With many paranormal encounters, sometimes energies exist. These energies can physically affect things around them. The assumption here is, that the maid has been possessed by some sort of demonic presence.

Quite often in possessions, the person may even appear normal at first, until they answer in different tongues and/or try to psychologically get into another persons mind. Evil spirits also may do this, however this appears more demonic by nature.

Mad maid possessed

Looking at the eyes of the woman, she doesn’t appear normal by any means. This demon was trying to get attention through her, using her as some sort of vessel. This is quite typical of a demon, as they are able to put all the focus upon them—through hypnotic effects and mental transference’s.

The video is disturbing, as the maid seems to display her hands forward and her hands behind her back. The possessed maid, seemingly shuffles around the residence and during one time in the video, sits down onto the floor. The setup looks much like some kind of horror movie. The maid continues to roam around, as she gestures pointing around the room with her hair eerily hanging in front of her face.

The man who lives here said that when this happened, he said it was good that his wife and kids were not home. This surely would have scared them quite a bit he stated as it did with him. While the footage is quite odd, it is rather controversial as well. Many questions remain unanswered and it is suspicious how the maid knows where the camera is it seems at all times. Regardless of this, the footage is kind of creepy to watch.

The doll that aged terribly well

When people collect things, sometimes they can go overboard with their passions. However, sometimes a certain object holds its value to the owner. What if, this object was a doll that actually seemed to age like a human being? Would someone actually keep it? Or, would they throw it out with today’s trash?

These are the questions that a family had to answer after searching their attic sum 11 years later, as they found a doll they had. It didn’t appear that the doll remained the way it did from before.

The parents remembered it as being a cute cuddly toy for their child. In fact, the doll looks like it aged quite terribly. At first, they could hardly even recognize it, as their hair stood up on the back of their necks—sending a chill up their spines. They were certainly spooked after seeing the condition of the doll.

Doll before and after

The doll appears to be a miniature Egyptian mummy or a rotting skull of some kind, from its appearance. Owners wondered if some sort of demonic forces were set to work, as they went after this doll. As they thought over things further, the family decided to give the doll away to someone. As it turns out, the doll was later sold by this person for a large sum of money to an undisclosed buyer.

Dolls sometimes can age and kind of look creepy. They tend to lose their hair, their colors fade or perhaps an eye or limb is lost along the way. Their once cute doll, now had stiff mummified wrinkles running all across its body. The clothing the doll had on, had all but disintegrated leaving only a mere memory of the doll behind. This doll is different, as it has since aged much like a person does comparably.

As the family has requested to remain anonymous, they were known to be a fairly typical couple. They had several children and their daughter was the one to receive this doll as a gift originally, during the Christmas holiday season.

The doll that aged terribly well

There has been much debate about this doll and how it actually aged like it did. Doll collectors have mentioned that plastic or organic type materials can degrade over time. Typically, a doll will age leaving the doll brittle and cracked but nothing like how this doll aged.

Some refer to this as ‘doll rot’. But this is an extreme case of it, for only 11 years to have passed by. Perhaps something else happened as dolls tend to become vessels for paranormal entities to attach themselves to.

One can only imagine the condition this doll might be in now. It is unknown where the original owners are/were from.

(Source: The Paranormal Guide and Sunday Express)

Wandering Will-o’-the-wisps and their ways

While these small glowing orbs of light, have been a part of mythology and in many fantasy stories—people have claimed to have seen them in different locations throughout the world. They are known as Will-o’-the-wisp.

These small sized atmospheric ghost-like lights, have been seen especially at night over terrains like swamps, bogs and marshes in particular. Comparable to a flickering lantern lamp light, these glow immensely.

Image: whimsyroots.com Little girl and Will o the wisp

Image: whimsyroots.com Little girl and Will o the wisp

It has been said that Will-o’-the-wisp have helped travelers find their way back home or back to a pathway, simply by following them as they float through the air. They are also known by other names which include jack-o’-lantern, friar’s lantern, hinkypunk, and hobby lantern in English.

Reports of them fading away when approached, are quite common occurrence. However, some Will-o’-the-wisp will keep their form, if they choose to. Believed to be a living thing, they wander the world in times of despair and sadness, in attempts to lighten up the world in some way. In the United States, often they are referred to as “spook-lights,” “ghost-lights,” or “orbs” by folklorists and paranormal enthusiasts alike.

Image: Will o wisps by Emerald Depths

Image: Will o wisps by Emerald Depths

The scientific explanation regarding Will-o’-the-Wisps is, that they are merely caused by burning gases—known as “swamp gas” or “marsh gas”. This develops from the breakdown of organic matter, in persistently wet areas. How wisps move, is best explained by being them gaseous. Meanwhile, when approached, they disperse from the movements in the air.

That being said, many swear they have encountered these small luminescent balls of light, even seeing humanoid type details within them. Others believe, that the Will-o’-the-Wisps are in fact not good but bad instead.

In South America, people think that these are witches—who transformed themselves into these glowing balls of light. One other explanation is, the Will-o’-the-Wisps are lights indicating where gold or hidden treasure may be found. Only children, can assist the wisps with finding the treasure.

Image: whimsyroots.com Quinn and the Will o the Wisp

Image: whimsyroots.com Quinn and the Will o the Wisp

Within the swampy terrains of Massachusetts, is a place known as the Bridgewater Triangle. Here at the Triangle, are plenty of paranormal stories ranging from Bigfoot sightings, UFOs, balls of fire, giant snakes and more.

Will-o’-the-Wisps and other orbs, have been spotted there as well. Further legends and lore mentions, that in Britain and in Ireland Will-o’-the-Wisps were the spirits of the dead, who lured travelers into dangerous treacherous territories, hoping to bring them an early demise. These wisps, were escientally the spirits of the dead, unable to enter neither heaven or hell.

Their demeanor’s ranged from simply mischievous to malevolent, quite often taking pleasure in leading people astray and into dangerous situations. Interestingly enough, Will-o’-the-Wisps spotted within a cemetery meant certain death for the individual who gazed upon them.

Argentinians believe the Luz Mala (evil light) is fearsome. When the Will-o’-the-Wisp are seen white colored, it represents a troubled soul needing to say a prayer. If however the light is red, then the devil (Satan) itself is tempting the person, by bringing them into hell. The person would be wise to wander away rather quickly. No doubt, these incredible entities holding meaning to many both good and bad. The next time your out in the wilderness, there might be a Will-o’-the-Wisp waiting for you.

(Source: Wikipedia and Today I Found Out)