Category: Strange

Strange and unusual stories gathered from across the world.

Jennifer's Mandela photo

Photographic Mandela Effect evidence revealed

While there have been a number of bizarre things happening around the world lately. One consistent thing simply cannot be explained entirely. People are and have been experiencing what is known as the Mandela...

Ghost girl on subway prank

Scary pranks gone right and wrong

A number of videos have been floating around lately, showing scary scenarios. While some of them are amusing, others are downright stupid. It has become a trend for people to do these types of...

Clown motel office

Haunted Clown Motel now up for grabs

For those wanting to try something different in their travels, a motel located in Tonopah, Nevada can be a terrifying experience or a wonder of curiosity. This location is themed with loads of clowns,...

Shitting at the beach of Mahim near Mumbai

Public pooping problem at the beaches of India

Incredibly, with such a vast income inequality, many people living in the slums of Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) are taking shits along India’s west coast beaches. This densely populated city, has many of its...

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