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10 People who died while playing video games

10 People who died while playing video games

Everyone can enjoy playing video games to pass some time by and keep themselves entertained. However, taking things to an extreme can lead to some serious problems and addictions. These are examples of some...

human clones

Human replication is now ready

With progress comes responsibility and it seems that the worlds largest cloning facility is now ready to begin replicating human beings. This will certainly change the entire existence of mankind. However, some breakthroughs can...


The elusive Yeti

Known to have been sighted throughout various parts of the world including: Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mongolia and Russia. These large ape-like cryptid creatures stand at least average human height. Some of them have been...


Angelic savior captured on street camera

Originally uploaded back in May of 2012, this video shows a rather astonishing moment as the driver of a truck almost hits and kills a man on a bicycle. Right before the impact an...