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Surfer recording UFO in sky

Morphing UFO portals appearing all over England

Appearing all over England, are gaseous dark colored clouds. They seem to form a face of some sort seen in some moments. This strange phenomena has captured the attention of people who live in...


Ghostly knights captured on camera

Richard Jones age 38 was outside taking a picture of his daughter. He has five children. The area is located at the Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire. Legend mentions that a 9th-century nun haunts...

Martin as a boy

Boy awakens 12 years later from coma

  Imagine not being able to communicate for 12 long years, people think that you cannot understand what is going on around you (but you actually can). This is exactly what happened to Martin...

Lisa Wildgoose with daughters

Fairy photographer

Her name is Lisa Wildgoose, what she captured on camera has people talking. It seems while outside with her two young daughters, she happened to take an extraordinary photograph. Not far from the market...


The death of Carissa Glenn

Sometimes people have problems sleeping. It happens to all of us at some point or another. People suffer from sleep walking not realizing they are even physically walking around at night. This makes things...