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Irish man discovers hidden dungeon under his apartment

When someone goes to buy a home, they usually look for specific details that

Actor Roger Moore was haunted by ghostly visitations

He was debonair and was best known for portraying the famous Ian Fleming character

Mysterious rope man mummy left behind at Bristol Bridge

With Halloween right around the corner, people sometimes leave spooky things around to get

Mystery of the Solway Firth Spaceman photo

Back in the year 1964, a fireman captured one of the most controversial photos

Young women capture Victorian era ghost in selfie photo

Back in 2014, two friends posed for a selfie picture together. Everything seems fine,

Morphing UFO portals appearing all over England

Appearing all over England, are gaseous dark colored clouds. They seem to form a

Father’s haunted doll collection has family freaked out

A father’s haunted doll collection has his family spooked out. The family lives in

Kap-Dwa two-headed giant displayed for all to see

A glass display located in Baltimore, Maryland showcases what may well be a Kap-Dwa.

Ghostly knights captured on camera

Richard Jones age 38 was outside taking a picture of his daughter. He has

Boy awakens 12 years later from coma

  Imagine not being able to communicate for 12 long years, people think that

Fairy photographer

Her name is Lisa Wildgoose, what she captured on camera has people talking. It

The death of Carissa Glenn

Sometimes people have problems sleeping. It happens to all of us at some point