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The curious antique box

You never know what you might find in an antique store. A woman named

The Woodlands Demon

Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their

Reversed alien technology secretly being used in Florida

Back in 1989, there was a man named Robert Lazar, who shocked the world

Devil skull appears during hurricane Matthew

Maybe you have heard of the eye of the storm? So far, this massive

Halfy the Half-Head man

He goes by several names, but most people know him best as Half-Head man

The lost girl a roadside ghost

Along the roadway, sometimes we see things that aren’t really there. Sometimes your eyes

Mothership UFO photo found

  A woman submitted an incredible photograph, it appears to be some sort of

Man buys home finds dead body inside

Imagine you are excited and ready to move into your newly purchased home, when

Woman gets third breast

Well, it is certainly one thing to gain some attention. But to have a