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Clown Mask killing Florida

Crazed Masked Clown Killed by Pizza Employee

This strange incident took place in Holly Hill, Florida recently. When 28 year old employee Heriberto Feliciano, left his Little Caesar’s restaurant, he thought he would be returning home like any other evening. To...

The curious antique box

The curious antique box

You never know what you might find in an antique store. A woman named Cheryl, was browsing in Sanford, Florida for decorations. (Sanford is located northeast from the city of Orlando) This store was...

The Woodlands Demon

The Woodlands Demon

Living out in a remote area, a couple experienced the unimaginable. They shared their story with the Ghosts & Ghouls website. One night, while living just outside of Panama City, Florida, they glanced out...

Carlos Rodriguez

Halfy the Half-Head man

He goes by several names, but most people know him best as Half-Head man (Halfy). Carlos Sousa aka Carlos Rodriguez is his given name. Carlos (Halfy) was in a terrible accident which happened to...