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A lady by the name of Mary Ellen, submitted a photograph to the Angels & Ghosts website. She explained, that she had a roll of Kodak film sitting around in an old drawer for several years. At some point, she finally got around to developing it. To her shocking surprise, the image of a phantom… Read Article →

While out ice skating years ago, a woman took several strange photographs. This happened back during 2015. A user from the site Reddit, named ashleyc93 photographed several mystery dark figures passing by. These figures, were comparable to someone’s shadow yet they were different. This is what she said from her post: “So, my neighbour was… Read Article →

Located in the United Kingdom, a brother apparently woke up in the middle of the night – after hearing strange sounds coming from downstairs. Luke Jackson, had awakened in the late night hours after craving a cigarette. The 36 year old, was surprised as he wandered down the steps of his flat. At first, he… Read Article →

While wandering through the North Hall Library located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania one can only wonder what might be lurking around the corner. Many people have reported strange occurrences here, during the evening hours. If you are alone upstairs, wandering around in the archives, you may well meet up with something from beyond the grave. Legend… Read Article →

Located in a small village within Thailand, are troubled villagers who have pooled together their resources, to hire a paranormal specialist to scour the area for any signs of ghostly activity. Together, 370 different families have since raised $1,400 dollars – to find some answers, why a ghost is believed to be responsible for eating… Read Article →

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