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Ghost plays hide and seek with Daddy

This popular video has been floating around for years, leaving many wondering whether or

Women are having sex with ghosts

A strange phenomena has been happening especially with women. It is known as Spectrophilia,

Skeletal ghostly photo taken at ice skating rink

While out ice skating years ago, a woman took several strange photographs. This happened

The ghosts of North Hall Library

While wandering through the North Hall Library located in Mansfield, Pennsylvania one can only

Young women capture Victorian era ghost in selfie photo

Back in 2014, two friends posed for a selfie picture together. Everything seems fine,

Ghost behind the looking glass

This photograph appears to show a ghost lingering behind a window outside. The person

Dash camera captures Irish ghost crossing road

Located in Armagh, Ireland a rather strange occurrence happened. Seen in a video recording,

The paranormal video diary of Michael Magee

His name is Michael Magee and he has been haunted for the last 7

Man on holiday spots Welsh wight on video

Wheedling away in the Welsh countryside near the village of Abersoch a ghostly figure

Kendall Rae gets attacked by a spirit in her sleep

Her name is Kendall Rae she is a YouTuber and experienced something rather strange.