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Floating around on the internet, is a video of several angels flying high in the skies. The location of the footage was taken at Boa Vista, Brazil. The original video, was uploaded on February 15th back in 2014. Supposedly, the video was entirely created digitally. However, there are some who believe the “digital creation” was… Read Article →

They have been sent from heaven to protect mankind. Sometimes they take the form as one of us, or even animals in certain moments. They are known as guardian angels. There are simply far too many unexplained moments, which point to some sort of divine intervention. These moments upon man, woman and child happen during… Read Article →

They are known as weeping statues, these occurrences have happened all over the world in various places. It is a phenomenon which sparks much religious debate to its authenticity. There have been sightings of both blood and/or tears coming from the eyes of statues. With some of these statues they are under the watch of… Read Article →

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