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Banshee ghost captured on camera in India

Banshee ghost photographed in India has gone viral

Several days ago in India, people were freaking out over a strange sighting. It seems that a banshee was photographed outside, glancing down to a crowd of curious spectators. This event took place in...

Woman marries dog

Young woman marries a dog

  An 18 year old young woman named Mangli decided to marry a local stray dog. The rather bizarre ritual took place in India at a small village located in the eastern Indian state...

ghost in window

Child ghost in window

After viewing several videos about this, it seems questionable yet fascinating to watch. The video captures a small girl standing in a window. Perhaps this girl was killed at this location and her spirit...


Kaleem the boy with large hands

Unfortunately abnormalities happen sometimes, due to the quality of life and lack of resources in some areas around the world—some suffer greatly. Every aspect of daily life is a struggle; and for those who...