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Nancy Kerlin grave site middle of road

Grave in the middle of the road

Located in the middle of the road in Indiana, is a rather bizarre site to be seen. Within both crossings of the road, nearly 200 years ago, a woman was buried here. Things have...

This Biker HAD To Pull Over And Start Filming

Bicyclist records spectacular show in sky

This video shows something special in the sky, what it may be is anyone’s best guess. This controversial video was posted online last year in 2015. There are numerous speculations of what it may...


The haunting of Willard Library

There are many of us who are bookworms, we enjoy reading and frequenting bookstores and libraries. This is something most anyone would do. However, what if you’re library was haunted? Located in Evansville, Indiana...

Latoya and Rosa Campbell

The exorcism of Latoya Ammons

Her name is Latoya Ammons and what she experienced was something that will haunt her the rest of her days. Little did she know she moved into the “demon house” located on Carolina Street...

Enfield monster

The Enfield horror

Some things simply can’t be explained. There are many things which we simply don’t understand, these things are often eerie. There have been been numerous sightings showcasing strange and unusual things each and every...

Sarah Sanaghan

Double Tragedy

This rather strange occurrence happened previously on the same road when Nurse Sarah Sanaghan lost her twin sister 18 years earlier. Tragically, Sarah died on the same road as her sister Cari did. Her...