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What has many people scratching their heads lately, are peculiar sounds coming from different locations from around the world. However, this isn’t the first time that these sounds have been heard. It is puzzling just what they are. Recorded by a number of people on their phones and other devices, these ear wrenching strange sounds,… Read Article →

  Far off in the eastern city of Jakarta which is located in Indonesia is a rather unusual spectacle happening. Monkeys with masks are captivating bystanders. This section of the city is considered the slum part of southern Cipinang Besar. The smell here can be unbearable in some areas—with trash and sewage littering the ground…. Read Article →

These rather unusual small hobbit-like people are known to have been discovered in a remote locations originating in Flores, Indonesia. They are known as Ebu gogo. Back in 1998, a team led by Michael Morwood from the University of New England in Armidale, discovered something rather incredible. It was classified as LB1 otherwise known as… Read Article →

In a place called Toraja located in Indonesia the dead walk the Earth. This area is 793 square miles long and what happens here is nothing short of a zombie movie. The dead are exhumed and walked back literally to their home originating where they died. Families here through various ceremonies will groom and dress… Read Article →

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